Written on October 17, 2012 by Pastor Tavares Robinson

Before now, I have never seen, so much division in America. This year’s Presidential Election, alone, has the potential to produce a 21st Century Civil war. It would all be easier to understand if the conflict stemmed from unregenerate individuals governed by the works of their flesh; but this is not the case. Instead, a vast majority of the strife and chaos causing the division is birthed from those who are, supposedly, born again believers. Those who claim to believe and live by the teachings of Christ. I am appalled, ashamed and saddened by my fellow pastoral leaders who have used their influence, ethnic race, charisma, power, and popularity to sway those under them to back the political parties that they, themselves, personally support.

America, a nation founded on the principles of God, is perilously divided. The nation has forgotten about God, and the American church, which is supposed to speak on the behalf of God, is under a delusion. The church has lost sight of who is truly the head of the church. Many cannot comprehend the critical state of this nation’s spiritual condition. Moreover, they fail to see that the declining condition of the church has directly affected that of the nation. Today, our nation is immoral! Why? Because the church, first, lost it’s morality; Today, more and more people are becoming Anti-God. Why? Because the church elevated man’s agenda before God’s. Why is it that a nation whose laws once paralleled scripture, now despise the Bible? Its simple. The church no longer live and teach the Bible.  America has become the nation that hates God, clearly because the church in America does not know Him!

America is drowning in humanism as the church’s main focus and objective continues to be “Purpose Driven”. Today’s culture, unapologetically,  bleeds with self-centeredness, while leaders of the church erroneously encourage narcissistic behavior. The pulpit used to be the voice and the moral conscience of a nation. It’s whole purpose was to be the resource and dispenser of God’s truth to mankind (1 Timothy 3:15). But many on Christian platforms have been muzzled, losing their voice because they, like many others, have bought into and are corrupting the minds of the people with a secular version of love. In an attempt to be more “liked” or “accepted” by the people, leaders have ceased to proclaim the hard truths concerning Christ and his word. We are more worried about having a loving, non-judgmental appearance than teaching a word that brings conviction and consequently, godly correction and change.

This diabolical scheme of the enemy was sold to the church and we paid full price for it.  Now, the church leadership is being hijacked by men, who the apostle Paul would have never placed in charge; especially not to be the voice to the nations. Instead of preachers, we have business men; instead of preaching on sin; they motivate and proclaim the essentials of high self esteem. God doesn’t need or want politicians in this hour.  He needs true prophets!!! God is looking for those individuals that Jeremiah spoke of in Jeremiah 23:18:

But who among them has listened to the Lord, that he should see and hear His Word? Who has given thought to His Word and listened?

What God is saying to America, should be the focus of every church today. Clearly, the handwriting of the Lord is on the wall, and time is quickly approaching when popular and celebrity preachers will be called on to diagnose the signs but will have no answer. We are delusional to think that the same God who blessed our Nation, will not, in his sovereignty, also severely punish our Nation. The judgment of the Lord is upon us. And as the days progress, we will see a greater manifestation of his correction and  abandonment. Is there hope? Of course there is, but we will not go unpunished. Like the Nation of Israel in the Days of Jeremiah, America has rejected the counsel of God too many times to avoid what The Lord has already put into play. His wrath on this nation is inevitable, but just.

So, what’s the hope? The hope is that those, that are a part of God’s faithful remnant, can rest assured knowing he will never forsake His chosen, called out ones. Not even in this midst of his wrath.

Regardless of who you are – your talent, attendance record, “ministry” or title, now is the  time for each of us to examine (judge) ourselves that we may not be judged. It’s time for us to take serious inventory of our walks, to see if we are in the truth faith, and not the very popular, but distorted faith. It’s time for God’s people to shift their focus from the temporal things of this world, and become more eternally minded – valuing things that have heavenly value.

God’s word must have complete authority over our lives, instead of our ever-changing feelings and needs. The time has come for us to stop pursuing positions of importance, and start desiring conformity to Christ’s image. We have to get back to the essential mindset of the believer which is that “this world is not our home”. We are merely pilgrims passing through. Not citizens! Christ and his agenda has to be the focus of our meetings. Not entertainment! We have to become Spirit-driven people. Not a cultural-relative people that change with the generational trends.

Believe it or not, the time has come. Christ is about to do what he must to bring America back to the revelation that,  apart from him, we are nothing!