Shepherds, Hirelings and Dictators

How to Recognize the Difference

By Tavares D. Robinson

“To be effective, the preacher’s message must be alive; it must alarm, arouse, and challenge. It must be God’s present voice to a particular people”. –AW Tozer

Throughout the generations, false prophets and insincere teachers have pretended to have the best interests of God’s people in mind. They claim they are human instruments who have received direct words of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. But in the final analysis, they do not represent God, and they harm the sheep often to the point of costing them their souls.

Who are these deceitful shepherds and how can we distinguish a true shepherd from wolves in shepherd’s clothing? That is the question Pastor Tavares Robinson explores in Shepherds, Hirelings, and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference.

In this new tenth-anniversary edition, Pastor Robinson takes the reader on a Biblical journey as he addresses many of today’s toughest issues surrounding dishonest shepherds: Is it biblical to judge our Christian leaders and shepherds? How can Christians discern unbiblical teachings and really know when a shepherd is leading them astray? What are common characteristics and messages of false shepherds? How do the “prosperity gospel,” “first fruits offerings” and other common messages from pulpits across the globe align with scripture and the gospel of Christ?

All these issues and many more are hit head-on by Pastor Robinson in his book, Shepherds, Hirelings and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference.

About the Author

Tavares Robinson is the founder and senior pastor of Sound the Trumpet Ministries of Miami in Miami, Florida. He currently serves as the founder of Watchman Publishing. Robinson is also the author of Shepherds, Hirelings, and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference. The Lord has graced him to speak with a bold prophetic voice, which turns the hearts of people back to God. Robinson currently lives with his family in South Florida.

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